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Youll get amazing results but youre going to hold some water. Hi Guys, I'm 23, 5ft9, 70KG, and recently decided I would try steroids to try and help my gym

efforts. Test 400 is a very strong Testosterone product that contains a 400mg blend of 3 different types of Testosterone. You see, since Test 400 was available in Mexico for a reasonable price, and had 4 grams of testosterone per bottle, you could actually bring back double the amount (mg-wise) of testosterone in the same space. Reply With", 07:32 PM #6 you can bulk plenty on test alone and more of the bulk will be lean muscle mass instead of water weight, and gains you can actually keep. I have tried to find threads already covering this but wasn't successful, hence the post! Get all of your gear, PCT and ancillaries before you start the cycle. Test 400 is an injectable steroid. Test 400 comes in with the following characteristics per ml: Test 400 Chemical Info (Testosterone shown, plus Testosterone with, propionate, Cypionate and, enanthate esters) (Testosterone 3 esters) 17b-hydroxy-4-androsten-3-one.  08:14 PM #1, hey iSarms steroid forums, I'm intrigued with your YouTube videos on Dianabol, I've recently purchased a course of Dianabol (oral) 100 tabs 10mg and Test 400 (injectable). You want to make sure to use an aromatize inhibitor (aromasin) with your cycle to keep the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen to a minimum so you don't experience any 'man-boob' side effects. Approved Sources section on Evo! I came across legit stuff: Test 400 and Dianabol 10 (branded Zion Labs) I have been advised by a maverick of the steroid world that, for a first cycle, I should take 40mg of Dianabol per day; 2 tabs at 2pm. N2Guard will do the job of effectively cleansing your liver and keeping the other organs healthy. Results 1 to 17. Often with test 400 there is quite a bit of pip. Org Staff Author Reply With". Immediately after the pain was manageable and I had a partial leg workout later that day.

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Reply With", 01:45 AM #2 bro test and dbol will bulk you up a t it's not for most would be better off with some test prop with anavar or winstrol before they jump into dbol. That is one of the golden rules of steroid use. Other than that, it's very painful to inject and not really anything special over any other form of testosterone. In an attempt to avoid looking like a complete fool to a medical professional, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience of injecting testosterone in general, but more specifically, Test 400. Before me beginning the cycle do you believe that these two steroids ran together will change my physique significantly with hard training and health eating? Denkall produces this particular testosterone blend, Test 400. I am not naive and have done my research. Use it at 10 mgs EOD from the first day of the cycle. Reply With", 04:17 AM #3, a simple testosterone cycle of 10-12 weeks at 400-500mg/week is your best option for a first cycle. If you could please help with the three questions/queries above it would be very much appreciated guys.